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Core Chucks & Shafts
STD series In Stock
  > Air
    • Integrated Shaft - MD Series
    • Integrated Shaft - Small Diameter - Leaf Type - 3LF Series
    • Thru Bore - STD Series
  > Mechanical
Double End Supported
  > Air
  > Mechanical
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Safety Chucks
Adjustable / Sliding Type
Replaceable Insert Type
Safety Chuck Replacement Parts
Calculate Air Shaft Length
Competitor Cross Reference
  > Superchuck
Solid Models
Square Size
  > 1"
  > 1-1/4"
  > 1-3/16"
  > 1-1/2"
  > 1-3/4"
  > 2"
  > 2-1/8"
  > 2-1/2"
  > 3"
  > 3-1/8"
  > 25mm
  > 30mm
  > 32mm
  > 38mm
  > 40mm
  > 45mm
  > 50mm
  > 55mm
  > 65mm
  > 75mm
Weight Capacity
  > 1,770 pounds [800 kg] per pair
  > 3,500 pounds [1600 kg] per pair
  > 6,200 pounds [2800 kg] per pair
  > 15,400 pounds [7000 kg] per pair
Flange Type
  > Metric
Pillow Block Type (Foot Mounted)
  > Inch
  > Metric
Unwinds / Rewinds
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Dead Shaft Idler
Bowed (Expander)
  > Dead Shaft
  > Live Shaft
Double End Supported
  > Dead Shaft
  > Live Shaft
Mounting Shafts
Spare Parts
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Brakes & Clutches
Air Brake
Air Clutch
Disc Brake
Fail Safe Brake
Powder Brake
Powder Clutch
Tension Controls
Web Guides
Static Control
Roll Lifters
Rotary Unions
Air Control
Mounting Shafts
  > Flange
  > Straight
Knowledge Base
  > Tap Drill Sizes
  > Drill Decimal Equivalents
  > Fractional Decimal Equivalents
Shim Procedure for M3 Series Mechanical Chucks
Standard Keyway Dimensions
How To Measure Triangular Air Shaft Journal
Minimum Shaft Diameter
Lug & Leaf Type Air Shaft Bladder Replacement Instructions
Torque and Horsepower Calculation
JRC Air Chuck with A-1360 Valve
JRC Air Chuck with A-1597 Valve
JRC Clamp Ring Securing
JRC Core Chuck with Rotary Union
JRC Front Split Clamp Securing
JRC Mechanical Chuck
JRC Rear Split Clamp Securing
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