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B-8398   Air Fitting Adapter- 7/16-20 Male, 1/8 NPT Female
A-1404   Air Inflating Gun
B-7150   Air Inflating Gun
B-7409   Air Inflating Gun
B-7151   Air Inflating Gun with hose
B-7410   Air Inflating Gun with hose
B-9473   Air Inflating Hose
Q-3839   Air Inflating Switch, Regulator and Gage Assembly For Core Chuck
B-9568   Air Regulator for Double-Acting Cylinders
Q-6210   Air Shaft
Q-6315   Air Shaft
Q-4325   Air Shaft Adapter
Q-6322   Air Shaft Lug Type
B-7149   Air Valve
B-9206   Anilox for Mark Andy 810/820 Press with 4 Color Stations - 600, 700, or 800 Cell Count (Customer to Specify)
B-7428   Anilox Roll - Ceramic
B-7427   Anilox Roll - Chrome Plated
Q-4193   Anilox Roll for Propheteer 10", 800 LPI, 2.1 BCM
Q-4189   Anilox Roll for Webtron 650 1/8" Pitch, 440 LPI, 4.7 BCM
Q-4190   Anilox Roll for Webtron 650 1/8" Pitch, 800 LPI, 2.1BCM
Q-4191   Anilox Roll for Webtron 750 1/8" Pitch, 63 Tooth, 700 LPI, 2.9BCM
Q-4192   Anilox Roll for Webtron 750 1/8" Pitch, 64 Tooth, 700 LPI, 2.9BCM
B-9623   Assembled Bladder Cartridge For Q-3464
B-9011   Assembled Bladder Cartridge For Q-4356
B-9009   Assembled Bladder Cartridge For Q-4519
B-7902   Assembly
B-8181   Assembly
B-8229   Assembly
B-8259   Assembly
B-8260   Assembly - Press Fit - Body & Flange
B-1180   Assembly Instructions
Q-5741   Assembly Surface Roller as per customer drawing # 12-2828-2348-8 Rev. A
HC-2A   Auto Edge Guide Controller
HC-2AM   Auto Edge Guide Controller
HC-5AM   Auto Edge Guide Controller
HC-HE   Auto Edge Guide Controller
HC-HE1   Auto Edge Guide Controller
B-8612   Automatic Label Dispenser
B-8591   Automatic Label Unwinder and Rewinder
B-1026   B-1026: 6" dia. Torque Rings
B-1396-6   B-1396-6: Step Plate
B-1453   B-1453: Body Chuck CTC Show 3" LA
B-1461   B-1461: Body - Chuck LA CTC Bodolary- Pratt
B-1462   B-1462: Body - Chuck LA 3" 1.251 Bore
B-1463-0.5   B-1463-0.5: HD 3" DIA X 0.5" LG. LEAVES
B-1463-11.5   B-1463-11.5: HD 3" dia. x 11.5" LG. Leaves
B-1463-11   B-1463-11: HD 3" DIA. X 11" LG LEAVES
B-1463-12.5   B-1463-12.5: HD 3" Dia. x 12" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-12   B-1463-12: HD 3" Dia. x 12" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-16   B-1463-16: HD 3" DIA. X 16" LG LEAVES
B-1463-18   B-1463-18: HD 3" Dia. x 18" LG. Leaves
B-1463-19   B-1463-19: HD 3" Dia. x 19" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-2.5   B-1463-2.5: HD 3" dia. x 2.5" LG. Leaves
B-1463-2   B-1463-2: HD 3" Dia. x 2" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-22.5   B-1463-22.5 HD 3" DIA. x 22.5" LG. Leaves
B-1463-4   B-1463-4: HD 3" Dia. x 4" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-6   B-1463-6: HD 3" Dia. x 6" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-8   B-1463-8: HD 3" Dia. x 8" Lg. Leaves
B-1463-9.5   B-1463-9.5: HD 3" DIA. X 9.5" LG. LEAVES
B-1463-9   B-1463-9: 9" Long Leaf for 3" Diameter for HD Series Heavy Duty Air Chucks
B-1463   B-1463: HD LEAVES
B-1476   B-1476: Body - Chuck
B-1480   B-1480: SHAFT M&M MARS
B-1481   B-1481: AIR CHUCK M&M MARS
B-1482   B-1482: ROLL SPACER M&M MARS
M-1509   B-1509: 6" DIA. X 8" WW JRC AIR SHAFT
B-1576   B-1576: 3" Dia. x 1.125" WW JRC Mechanical Chuck
B-1581   B-1581: Inner Leaf 1" Dia. Chuck CTC McCourt Label
B-1588-003   B-1588-003: Body - Lathe Operations 3" dia x 6' ww
B-1588-005   B-1588-005: Body
B-1588-007   B-1588-007: Body
B-1588-008   B-1588-008: Body
B-1588-010   B-1588-010: Body
B-1588-011   B-1588-011: Body
B-1588-012   B-1588-012: Body
B-1588-013   B-1588-013: Body
B-1588-015   B-1588-015: BODY
B-1588-016   B-1588-016: Body
B-1588-017   B-1588-017: Body
B-1588-018   B-1588-018: Body
B-1588-020   B-1588-020: Body
B-1588-022   B-1588-022: Body
B-1588-023   B-1588-023: Body
B-1588-024   B-1588-024: Body
B-1588-033   B-1588-033: Body
B-1588-034   B-1588-034: Body
B-1588-035   B-1588-035
B-1588-04   B-1588-04: BODY
B-1589-002   B-1589-002: Body
B-1589-006   B-1589-006: Body
B-1589-007   B-1589-007: Body
B-1589-008   B-1589-008: Body
B-1589-009   B-1589-009: Body
B-1589-010   B-1589-010: Body
B-1589-011   B-1589-011: Body
B-1589-013   B-1589-013: Body
B-1589-014   B-1589-014: Body
B-1589-015   B-1589-015: Body
B-1589-016   B-1589-016: Body
B-1589-017   B-1589-017: Body
B-1589-018   B-1589-018: BODY
B-1589-019   B-1589-019: BODY
B-1589-020   b-1589-020: Body
B-1589-022   B-1589-022: Body
B-1589-023   B-1589-023: Body
B-1598-023   B-1589-023: Body
B-1589-025   b-1589-025: Body
B-1589-027   B-1589-027: Body
B-1589-028   B-1589-028: Body - Lathe Operation Tabulated
B-1589-030   B-1589-030: Body
B-1589-031   B-1589-031: Body
B-1589-032   B-1589-032: Body
B-1589-033   B-1589-033: Body
B-1589-034   B-1589-034: Body
B-1589-035   B-1589-035: Body
B-1589-037   B-1589-037: Body
B-1598-016   B-1598-016: Body
B-1600   B-1600: ASSEMBLY
B-1611   B-1611: HD 3 x 12 9/16 :G Body
B-1629   B-1629 CTC Chuck Requirements B27927, B31579 Kraft Seal
B-1662   B-1662: CTC Chuck Req. for C28389 1 1/2" Dia. Body
B-1665   B-1665: Assembly Drawing 1/2" Dia. 16" EXP Area 18 1/4 Max Oal
B-1667   B-1667: Inner Leaf 1 1/2" Dia. 16" EXP Area 18 1/4 Max Oal
B-1674   B-1674
B-1707   B-1707: CTC Chuck Req. B29407 3 Spindle Turret 3"x18" W.W
B-1786   B-1786: CTC C30591- Rotadress 3 x 16.5 EXP Area
B-1789   B-1789: CTC C30796 3" H.D. 12" EXP 14 1/4 LG. SEE Q-2956
B-1825   B-1825: BOEHRINGER MANHEIM 6"O/ 12" EXP 14.562 LG 1.500 BORE
B-1832   B-1832: 3" dia. x 12" WW JRC Air Chuck
B-1841   B-1841: 3M Canada 3"0/ H.D. 1.875 Bore w/ Crosshole 12.625 LG.
B-1871   B-1871: CTC Chuck Req. B31839 3"O/L.A. x 18.5" LG (Jones Book Bond)
B-1899   B-1899: INSERT-HD SHORT (15/16" LG
B-1906   B-1906: Torque Ring 6" Dia. For E.K. Oversize
B-1964   B-1964: Outer Leaf 20" WW - 1-9/16
B-2054   B-2054: Body 3" x 16" WW CTC C34354 (Moore)
B-2141-11.5   B-2141-11.5: Bladder 11.5" Long
B-2141-16   B-2141-16: Bladder
B-2141-18   B-2141-18: Bladder
B-2141-3.5   B-2141-3.5: Bladder
B-2141-9.125   B-2141-9.125: 1.75" ID x 1/8 Wall x 9.125" LG. Bladder
B-2141-9   B-2141-9: 1.75" ID x 1/8 Wall x 9" Long Bladder
B-2143   B-2143: CAM FOLLOWER
B-2154   B-2154: Body
B-2172-4   B-2172-4 SHAFT
B-2248   B-2248: 3"0/ X 14" WW LA CHUCK REQ
B-2266   B-2266: Ring-LA-Inner
B-2321   B-2321: Body
B-2359   B-2359: HD 3" Dia. 12 1/2" WW Body C37239 CTC TT Scan
B-2445   B-2445: Shaft-LA
B-2448   B-2448: Assy-LA
B-2454   B-2454: Ring - LA - Inner
B-2468   B-2468: 5.25" DIA 4" WW 'O' RING-232 (TI AUTOMATION)
B-2469-12.125   B-2469-12.125: BLADDER - 2.5" ID X 1/4" WALL
B-2469-14.25   B-2469-14.25: BLADDER
B-2469-5.031   B-2469-5.031: Bladder - 2-1/2" ID x 1/4" Wall
B-2469-9.5   B-2469-9.5: BLADDER
B-2469-9   B-2469-9: BLADDER
B-2469   B-2469: Bladder 2 1/2" ID x 1/4" Wall
B-2493   B-2493: Ring - Front
B-2496   B-2496: Standoff
B-2521   B-2521: HD3" dia.12" WW Body B25553
B-2562   B-2562: 3" Dia. 7" WW Body
B-2564   B-2564: Cap - Front
B-2573   B-2573: LEAF-OUTER - 5.875" DIA
B-2594   B-2594: HD 3" DIA 16" WW BODY B38914
B-2600   B-2600: 1-1/2" Dia 20" WW Body
B-2601   B-2601: 1-1/2" Dia 20" WW Inner Leaf
B-2607   B-2607: Standoff
B-2639   B-2639: Shaft Q-1196 (WL Gore)
B-2673   B-2673: 2.75" Dia. 1122R-S 0146 - .115-1
B-2713-14   B-2713-14: Turrent Rewinder Bladder
B-2741-13.875   B-2741-13.875: Bladder
B-2741   B-2741: 1" OD x 1/8 Wall Bladder
B-2758   B-2758: 2-3/4" DIA. BLADDER 1-1/4 ID X 1/8 WALL X 28-1/2" LG
B-2760   B-2760: HD 3" dia. 12 1/2" WW Body C39354 CTC Panduit
B-2796   B-2796: Body
B-2797   B-2797: Shaft
B-2832   B-2832: HD3" Dia. 11.5" WW Body B397014 CTC Chori
B-2834   B-2834: Body
B-2929-002   B-2929-002: Retainer - Gripper
B-2929   B-2929: Retainer - Gripper
B-2931   B-2931: 3" dia. 7"WW Body w/ Switch b2372,q1067 (3M CO.)
B-2941   B-2941 1 1/2" Dia. 16" WW Plug-Front-Inner B-2726
B-2961   B-2961: 3" DIA X 9.5" LEAF LENGTH JRC AIR CHUCK
B-3015   B-3015: 6" DIA. X 13.5" WW BODY B41291A CTC (ARMSTRONG)
B-3019   B-3019: EZ 3" Dia. 1" WW Body Q1357A J&J (Canada)
B-3020   B-3020: EZ 3" Dia. 1" WW Clamp-Flange-Rear Q1357A J&J (Canada)
B-3021   B-3021: EZ 3" Dia. 1" WW Cap-Clamp-Front Q1357A J&J (Canada)
B-3026   B-3026: EZ 3" Dia. 1" WW Insert-Leaf 92066A007 J &J (Canada)
B-3027   B-3027: EZ 3" Dia. 1" WW Assy-Layout 92066A007 J&J Canada
B-3034   B-3034: CAP - ROLLER
B-3035   B-3035: R16 Shielded Bearing
B-3037   B-3037: SPRING - BEARING
B-3059   B-3059: Cap - Clamp - Front
B-3062   B-3062: Assy-Layout
B-3074   B-3074: HD3" Dia. 13"WW Body C41693 CTC System Label
B-3159   B-3159: Retainer - Gripper - 5" dia.

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