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Corrugated Roll - Tungsten Carbide Coated
Corrugated Roll - Tungsten Carbide Coated
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Part #: B-7426

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Every year more than 1000 pairs of corrugated rolls produced !

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Tungsten Carbide Coated Corrugated Roll:

Performance characteristics of Super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coated corrugated roll:

1. The hardness is only second to diamond as well as excellent anti-friction performance.

The life is 3-5 times greater than chrome plated corrugated roll.

Decreased roll change time and cost by 65-80 %( include the stop and change expenses)

Long lasting - Increased time before repair.

Reduce the expense in corrugating cardboard per square by avoiding current depreciation of
related parts caused by concave abrasion (such as glue roll, doctor roll, pressure roll and so on)

2. The consistent quality of corrugating cardboard:

Because of the excellent anti-friction properties, the corrugation height abrasion is between 0.08-0.1mm once in use.  Meanwhile, the corrugation pattern won't distort after optimization, and the amount of glue won't increase with the abrasion of corrugation top. So it avoids kinds of limitation of common cardboard, and insures uniform quality of corrugating cardboard.

3. Reduced material consumption and cost of corrugating cardboard

After optimization, the super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll can reduce the corrugation pattern and result in less paper consumption rate.  Less abrasion of corrugation height can decrease paper consumption rate more than 1% when compared to chrome plated corrugated roll.

Decreased abrasion of corrugation top can also lessen the paste consumption create a more stable use.  Reduce paste consumption costs by 20-50% !

Greater quality will decrease the wastage loss by 30-50% !

Technical specifications for the Super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll:

1. Special 48CrMo alloy steel fine forgings for corrugated roll

2. The hardness of base unit in medium-frequency quenching>HRC58

3. Thickness of anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating is between 0.08 and 0.1mm

4. The micro hardness of carbonized tungsten coating HV 50>1250

5. Combination hardness >75MPa

6. Visible metallographic porosity<0.1

7. Optimizing design for economy corrugation pattern

8. High-speed roller precision

Gear teeth height limits of deviation ≤ 0.025mm

Addendum circle runout tolerance ≤ 0.025

Gear teeth width limits of deviations ≤ 0.03mm

Tooth profile limits of deviations ≤ 0.02mm

Gear lateral face countershaft parallelism ≤ 0.03mm

Tip cylinder element linear ≤ 0.02mm

Gear teeth division limits of deviations 20"

Concave roll height limits of deviations is 5% of the height

9. Fine grinding and polishing gear surface, roughness Ra1.6um

The advanced technology of Super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll

1. The most advanced equipment in the world.

We introduce the most advanced thermal spray system JP8000 HP/HVOF, which is called the perfect "next generation" from American Praxair TAFA company, and equipped with type 8100 CORONA air/fuel manage system which uses a closed-loop control by the PC. It creates the precision control to flame performance and coating repeatability, unique coating quality come true.

2. Apply the modern high-tech coating material product

The cobalt-coated tungsten carbide hard metal (WC-Co) powder special for corrugated roll, made

by the first-class brand maker company in the world

3. The advanced professional thermal spray technology:

Higher hardness, density and anti-friction stress cobalt-coated tungsten

carbide hard metal coating.

4. The advanced polishing technology:

The coating is polished by diamond dies which forms a smooth anti-friction surface with a low coeffiecient of friction.
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